Espada ancestral del clan del Fénix

weapon (melee)

Espada ancestral del clan del Fénix.

The Phoenix Clan’s ancestral sword was created by Tsamaru, Shiba’s wife, as a gift to her husband on the day of their son’s birth. Legend claims Tsamaru came from a kingdom beneath the sea, where Shiba rescued her from a terrible monster that threatened her home; in gratitude, she became his wife even though it meant she would never be able to return to her undersea world.

Whether this tale is true or not, there is no denying the peculiar acquatic nature of Ofushikai. The sword shines with a strange inner light, and it often looks as though water is flowing down the length of the blade. The sword knows its proper owner (the Clan Champion) and always returns to him; when held in his hand, the sword allows him to move and breathe safely beneath the sea.

In mechanical terms, the Phoenix ancestral sword is a nemuranai which can be summoned to the hand of the Phoenix Clan Champion with a Free Action (re- gardless of distance). The wielder of Ofushikai may unleash the sword’s power by taking a Complex Ac- tion and spending a Void Point. The sword unleash- es a wave of spiritual energy that halts all violence within 20’, preventing all within that zone from at- tacking, casting offensive spells, or otherwise causing harm. The effect lasts a number of Rounds equal to the wielder’s Void Ring.



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